Learn. Share. Grow. We take a lot of pride in building relationships and sharing information.  In addition to our training packs we have two designated YouTube channels where we share free information. Hoop Diaries and our sister site, Shot Mechanics

We’d love your feedback on what  you’d like to see or be most helpful.

Our Philosophy

  1. Learn – We read, watch, listen and most importantly test what we’re learning about.
  2. Share – One of our main missions is to share as much quality information as possible with you.
  3. Grow – We grow when we are stretched and exposed to different ways of thinking.

If you had the opportunity to pick talent or discipline, pick discipline. Talent is overrated. LEARN as much as you can. SHARE as much as you can. GROW as much as you can.

It’s more about YOU than us…

  • You’re feedback helps everybody get better (faster)
  • If you never ask, the answer is always “NO” so…. ASK!
  • Connect with us… Help us, help you.

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