Train With Us

Hoop Diaries started with a simple concept when we were young players and developed into our fundamental training principle, Have a Plan and Work That Plan. It’s our story, and its continued to evolve over the last decade into what you see here. Our mission is to build, educate and create the next generation of basketball training using the digital landscape. We believe that our methodology can help you GET BETTER FASTER. Find out how you can train with us.

Private Training

  1. Live – Train with us in person at select locations
  2. Virtual Training – We offer a variety of on-line training opportunities from mobile downloads to virtual training where we build a program specifically for you. Click here to find out more.
  3. Small Group Training – Developed for groups of no more than six, these fast paced training sessions can be as broad or specific as the group desires. They can be tailored to a specific skill, performance training or the focus can be overall improvement.
  4. Host a Hoop Diaries Clinic – Fundraising Made Easy!

Some players need one-on-one attention. Our private training offers a very specific and customized focus for each individual players. These sessions are designed to meet each players’ specific needs. Every player is evaluated and provided with a plan created specifically to help them the most, exactly where they want to focus on improvement.


Hosting a Hoop Diaries Skills, Speed and Strength Clinic can be a very rewarding experience. Our staff includes some of the nations best basketball trainers, each with their own are of expertise. Our cumulative experience touches every major level, including the NBA, WNBA and the college ranks. This is the background and experience that we bring right to your door.

Our clinics are structured to provide your coaching staff with the information that they need the most. You call the shots, and we create the program for you.

The Format in Four Easy Steps

  1. Contact us for date availability
  2. Next, we need our contract signed and returned with a $250 deposit. (The deposit is refundable less expenses up to 3-weeks prior to the clinic, after that point it is non-refundable)
  3. Hoop Diaries sends out the marketing materials – this consists of a PDF flyer, on-line registration and e-mail marketing campaign.
  4. You distribute the information to all players in your school, program and/or region and we take care of the rest.

Athletes pay $25 in tuition per ninety-minute workout. Every players receives our Building Training Programs Basics Guide. We need a minimum of 30 fully paid athletes before book travel plans. Upon registration of 30 players, Hoop Diaries books the trip and makes all the necessary travel arrangements. Most programs and/or hosts choose to run two ninety-minute sessions back-to-back.

Hoop Diaries are structured to put resources back into your program with a fundraising payment based on the number of participants. We pay all the expenses, and you and your staff are welcome to participate in a free coaching clinic as well as capture the whole event on video.

 Download all the details here: Hoop Diaries Clinics