I’m fortunate to be around some really good coaches at all levels. This summer I got to spend some time with Mater Dei head coach Kevin Kiernan at the Nike Girls Skills Academy. Wanted to wish him a great season!

*I don’t really believe in luck, except at a carnival – you get out what you put it

If you know me, you know I ask a lot of questions, my three main are…

1. How do you do from “Good to Great”?

2. How did you get to where you wanted to go?

3. How do you continue to develop?

These always leads to great conversation. Here’s a bit of that shotgun style.

We talked a lot about vision and people/players buying into what you’re doing. Really getting those you are working with to see the BIG PICTURE. To do this you have to SHARE YOUR VISION. A lot of times people don’t see the vision – just  like in the Man of LaMancha, “Where there is no vision the people perish”

Three words that came up over and over were, BELIEF, PASSION and PUSH. A belief in what you’re doing, a passion in doing that and being able to constantly push players to see and passionately push to make that vision reality.

We talked about a system – operating from a place of DRIVE and DISCIPLINE.

Nuggets from Coach

Put in work! There is no substitute, you have to push pass mental blocks. A coaches’ job is to teach players how to go beyond what they think they can do. Really teaching and pushing players to get the most out of themselves.

As a coach and/or player you have to push to learn and expand, you have to find ways to progress. Part of our jobs as teachers of the game is to expose players to ideas, concepts and principles that apply, both on-and-off the court.

You learn a ton about people just spending time and hanging out, but I learned more watching Kevin and how he interacted with those around him, both players and coaches.

Great coach, even better person. Have a great season coach!


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