Life and Basketball with Dee Brown

Life and Basketball with Dee Brown

Wow! Great day is all I can say. I’m in August, GA for a few days and am blessed to be around some of the best in the game. Seriously feel fortunate to be here. Everywhere I go I try to get some really intentional time with people and ask them a few questions that I think might help others get to where they want to go. I’m always blown away by the honesty and realness of the conversation. Today I spent some great time with Coach Kevin Keirnan of Mater Dei and Sacramento Skills Trainer and former Texas standout Danielle Viglione who I’ll share about tomorrow or later this week.

This one was special because it was time relevant for me personally. When I was in high school I got a pair of Reebok Pumps after Dee Brown won the dunk contest in 1991. Probably the nicest shoes of my life up to that point. I wore them out so bad my mom made me throw them out, but before I threw them out I cut the tongue out so I could add the Pump system to all of my shoes (this was my B.N. days, Before Nike days).


Tonight we had a crew of about 8 or 9 at dinner, everyone left except for Dee and I. We sat and talked for about an hour as I asked cheesy questions about what it was like playing with Bird, how the game changed over the years, what separates the “good” from the “great” and a plethora of other questions (he probably got tired of my steady stream). BUT, I’m really curious about how people “make it” and what that means, why others don’t, and I guess more importantly what it takes.

So… Here are a few nuggets I’ve picked up over the last couple of days from watching, listening and talking with Dee.

1. He’s a very genuine person – Near the end of our time at Beamie’s at the River in Augusta a man who you could tell has had a couple of rough days asked if he could sit down and enjoy his drink. A few minutes past as we continued to talk and the man filed through his memory for who Dee might be… “It’s you, the dunk guy… It’s you…”

After small talk the guy shared a little bit of his story and asked Dee for a ‘graph (autograph). Dee graciously asked the waitress for a pen and a piece of paper, wrote a nice message on the paper and handed it to the guy. At this point the guy welled up with tears. Made his day. IT WAS GREAT! Moral of the story – Be good to people.

2. Point Blank. Dee Brown is a COMPETITOR He has a huge passion for the game.

My question was how do you get from where you are to where you want to go? His answer…

Get Past Hard. When HARD hits, PUSH THROUGH.

3. How do you continue to develop? Constant challenge. Do you know Dee has coached in three different professional league and is coming up on 25 years of being involved in professional sports. That’s CRAZY.

After laughing at my comparison of him and Madonna we talked about longevity and staying relevant, challenging yourself. Continuing to learn, evolve and innovate.

Bottom line. DON’T SETTLE.

Know the difference between and dream and a vision. A dream is something that happens when you sleep, a vision is something you see and pursue every singe day until you get where you want to go. Stuff like this happens when you get past your dream and turn it into you vision.

It is the process, not the outcome that is what gets you where you want to go.

If you read this Dee, I appreciate your heart for people and what you stand for.

Learn. Share. Grow. #GetBetter #GrowTheGame


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