Success leaves footprints… Follow them

Every time I spend time around people that are successful I take away one thing…

They’re constantly finding ways to get better, exploring, experimenting… pushing the envelope.

I spent a few days in San Antonio, TX visiting my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, who are both professors at the college level. Both are constantly reading, learning and sharing information with students and staff. In my own life I try to find opportunities to learn, share and grow. A couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to visit University of Texas with our West Linn Coaching staff. I was so impressed by everyone at U of T that I had to get back. Todd Wright is definitely one of the guys that I try to get around any chance I get. He was gracious enough to let me hang out a couple of days ago, ask questions and basically just be a sponge from all the guys on his crew (Thanks Logan, Pat, J and G).

So what is the one thing they have in common? They are relentless in their pursuit of knowledge in their field.

Here’s a couple of Nuggets for you

    1. Family First – Pretty ironic, (or not?) I listened to episode of The Strength Coach Podcast on my way to Austin and heard Mike Boyle talk about leaving his position with the Boston Red Sox to put his family first. After talking with Todd Wright a bit, he mentioned prioritizing life, putting family first. Message: Put your family first. This is something I definitely need to work on.
    2. Feet – From a training and assessment standpoint looking at and training the feet are IMPORTANT. Something as simple as how a players callous’ are built up on one foot in correlation to the other, or where they are oriented can give you a lot of insight into a players body. At Nike we brought in Dr. Emily Splichal to learn more about training and taking care of the feet.
    3. Foot placement in training should mimic what you do on the court – The lighter the load the more you can experiment with foot patterns, the heavier the load, the less variation you should have.
    4. Vertical Core – Todd talked a lot about how all the core musculature is connected at and through the pelvis and rib cage. With this in mind we should be challenging and stimulating the core in standing positions that players will see on the court. Here’s a pretty good article if you want to read more Vertical Core Training System
    5. Omegawave – In my mind when you hear about something or someone a lot, it’s either really good or really bad. I was first introduced to Omegawave about 10 years ago through a guy named Scott Phelps, who I consider a friend and a mentor. He’s been ahead of the game for years. I thought he was crazy at the time. Since then I’ve heard more and more about Heart Rate Variability. Pretty much everywhere I go I hear about either the Omegawave or Joel Jamieson and BioForce.

That’s it for now. Learn. Share. Grow.

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