Building Pre-Season Basketball Training

It’s that time of year… Football is in full swing (Go Ducks!) which means it’s time for pre-season season basketball training. I’m going to try and write a “Week in Preview” every Sunday for you leading up to the start of the season (no guarantees, but I’ll do my best). I started working with the Concordia University Mens Basketball program last week and will kick off with our high school guys this week at West Linn.

How do you build a pre-season training program for basketball?

(Here’s a sample of what I put together for CU Mens Team using our Program Builder CU Pre-Season)

For us there are eight major components that we try and work with (When I say “us” or “we” Alan Stein and I do a lot of work together). Now let’s be real, not everybody is going to have the same set up. Some schools have amazing weight rooms while others have a closet with a couple of dumbbells. Either way…

If you have dumbbells you have a strength program… Do what you can, with what you have. NO EXCUSES!

Great and simple words above from world-renown strength coach Michael Boyle.

Here are eight things to think about as you start building a program.

1. Corrective Exercise – Think Pre-hab instead of Re-hab. This can happen in warm-ups or at the beginning of each set. Put a little time into strengthening feet, gaining mobility in the hips and making sure muscle quality is good.

2. PerformanceMaster Movement to Maximize Power. If anything I want our players to move well. Again, build this into your warm-up or do it on its own. JUST DO IT!

3. Explosive – We want some element of EXPLOSIVE POWER in our programming. That is players moving at FULL SPEED, whether that is a squat jump, a med ball throw or some type of EXPLOSIVE MOVEMENT, preferably that mimics basketball. BIG FORCE in little time = POWER.

4. Leg Dominant – We keep this very simple, we want a knee dominant exercise, which means KNEE DOMINANT, like some sore of squatting or lunging pattern and a HIP DOMINANT movement, where players are hinging from the hip like a single leg dead lift.

5. Horizontal Push/Pull – We want to incorporate something that simulates a chest pass and/or a box out. Literally a push or a pull in the horizontal plane, like a Dumbbell Bench Press or a Bent Over Row.

6. Vertical Push/Pull – We want to incorporate something that simulates grabbing a rebound and pulling it down. Pull-ups are my favorite pulling exercises and DB Presses are my favorite vertical pushing exercise for players.

7. Core – This is arguably the most important aspect of basketball performance because it gives players the ability to move and generate power. It’s not only the “Power Source” its our main source of stability. This can be mixed in throughout or done within our sequence.

8. Energy – We’ve come to learn that “basketball conditioning” is somewhat of an out-dated term. As I watch the game, and talk with coaches the word “energy” comes up over and over. Coaches want players to play with great “energy” meaning they’re “in-shape” and ready to make game breaking plays at game breaking moments. For this reason we’ve added a component of “basketball conditioning” we call “energy” to every workout.

Hope this helps a bit. If you know me, you know you I’m not any type of “internet trainer” or marketing guru. I do what I love and sincerely want to help players, coaches, trainers and parents (people in general) do what they do better. Below is what Alan and I will be releasing this month. If you have a background in strength and conditioning or performance training I highly recommend the the Program Builder as a stand alone, if not, we will be releasing our full Stronger Team Training System in a few weeks, which is a comprehensive guide to basketball performance training with a new YouTube channel featuring all of our drills and exercises. We really think this will help coaches and trainers build programs efficiently and effectively for players.

Here’s a sneak peak at what is coming!

If you want to pick up the Program Builder today you can click here to find out more. As always, if we can do anything to help you out don’t hesitate let us know.

Learn. Share. Grow.


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